Easter for dummies

We all got duped! Thought he had died and gone, but Jesus is back!

Why such a big deal though? First we have to go back in time a little.

2000 or so years ago, God was looking at the humans on this world in despair. He saw that people were sinning more and more and stopped believing in him. What could he do from up there though? So he decided to send a human down to earth: his son Jesus.

Humans aren’t born able to instantly talk and walk so God had to be patient. Finally at the age of around 12 years old, Jesus set off to work and did what he was born to do: teach people about God and how to live a good life. Mary, his mum, couldn’t find him anywhere and finally found him in one of the synagogues teaching. The high priests obviously didn’t like him for taking over and doing what they were supposed to do. Plus he claimed he was God’s son!

So for about 20 more years, Jesus continued to spread the word of God. There were people who hated him of course, but he also gained followers. Before the days of social media, to be a follower meant you had to drop everything and literally leave your home and family and quit your job. They followed Jesus everywhere, saw all the miracles he did, listened to what he said, ate and prayed with him. The followers also wrote and kept a record of it all (their stories have now been collated together into a book called the Bible).

Then came the day his Father in heaven wanted him back. As any normal human being, Jesus didn’t want to die and was scared but he loved his dad so much that he let his Father’s will be done and accepted his fate. Jesus knew he had to die, so when the soldiers came to arrest him, he went without resisting.

At that time and place, the death penalty was crucifixion. Do you know that feeling when someone blocks or unfollows you? It really hurts. So imagine suddenly EVERYONE doing this to you and also wanting you dead. His followers denied him, the Jews turned against him and they wanted him sentenced to death for claiming he was the son of God.

They saw him take his last breath on the cross, so when Jesus resurrected and came back to life the next day, things got totally confusing. So he really is the son of God.

God knew that Jesus had to die, so that people would believe. He gained back his followers plus many more; ironically, more than when he was alive before!

Just before Jesus went back to heaven to be with his Father, he asked his followers to continue his work here on earth. Out of those people, his most hardcore follower was Peter, who started the Catholic church and became the first pope.

Christians: someone who believes that Jesus was the son of God who once lived on this earth.

Jesus’ death means new life so Easter today is celebrated by the symbolism of new fire and water.

Each Wednesday PECKAPALOOZA provides a great writing prompt. Check it out. This week’s is “Easter”.

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14 thoughts on “Easter for dummies

          1. Hey, i did read it thoroughly and loved the sarcasm you intended to make on what’s happening now and what the lord went through during his time…Although I find it difficult to believe in god, the way you wrote this piece was simply exhilarating…

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I find it difficult to believe in God too actually. It’s a concept too far fetched. So some people feel closer to Jesus because he seems more real. I on the other hand like the Holy Spirit – that voice in ya head to warn you of something or guiding you to do things. I also love saints! Real people who did extraordinary things and did miracles!
              Whether or not we believe in God doesn’t matter I think. We don’t need religion to be told to be good to others!

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  1. Hey T.J. You managed to explain in such simple words all the confusing parts about Jesus to a non-Christian. Thanks so much. By the way, have you watched the show ‘The Chosen’? This could be a funny question to you ’cause most of the Christians I know have. I just got to know about it recently and was blown away by the scenes and the trailer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually I intended this article for other Catholics, because this year, for some reason, it finally clicked and I understand now! There are many Christians who are just as confused as non-Christians, which included me. I’m glad a non-Christian like you is interested enough to read it too though. Thanks so much!

      No I’ve not heard of ‘The Chosen’. I had to look it up after you mentioned it. There’s no such thing as a funny or stupid question so always ask!

      Liked by 1 person

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