Expectations of the Modern Woman

“Mummy I’m hungry”

“Yeah ok just grab a packet of chips and eat that for now!”, said the little boy’s mother who was running late for work.

“Mummy aren’t I late for school?”

“Just wait by the door, I’ll be there in a minute”. She was still putting on her make-up. She needed to always look great.

“Mummy, where is daddy?”, asked the little boy from the backseat of the car.

“Your father is not living with us anymore okay?” She didn’t need a man in her life anyway.

“Mummy, are you picking me up from school today?”, asked the child as they got to the school.

“No the babysitter will. I’m going out this Friday night remember?” She was going to meet this new guy she had met on Tinder.

“Bye mummy”

“Be good at school sweetie”.

As she looked at her son walking away, she wondered if she was doing the right thing. Then she thought of what people had expected of her.

She always had full support of being a working single mother and after the separation, her friends said that she “needed to get a life” then made her go out partying and drinking.

At first she wasn’t comfortable leaving her young son at home or when she’d return to him drunk, or when she was too hungover the next day to take care of him. However after a while, their mantra: “You deserve this! Go and enjoy!”, became hers too.

But all this seemed to make her life complicated somehow. She thought about her own lovely mother. Perhaps life was much simpler back then.

Looking at her watch brought her attention back to the present.

Quickly she drove away.

She needed to get to work on time.

What do you think? Pseudo feminism? Please comment below.

Each Wednesday PECKAPALOOZA provides a great writing prompt. Check it out. This week’s is “expectation”.

Published by Ms.T.J

I see the bigger picture and appreciate the smaller things.

17 thoughts on “Expectations of the Modern Woman

  1. People do get affected by what they see happening around them, societal/peer pressure can be tough. And more than anything else, i think decision should be based on what we think is important for us, than what others make us believe.

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  2. It’s a way way complicated subject. Life is full of strings and at each end of that string, there is an urge. Any decent individual would want to pull all of it, and there is always more, always will be. On a practical aspect, it’s about what you want for yourself not what people around you want you to have.
    But again sadly the debate can go on and on and it will take a different course depending from culture to culture.
    (Illusions of life).

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  3. Sometimes we don’t know what we want until it is clear. It is human to be blinded by who or what is behind our actions. It is human to want to be better, discover our truth and live by it.
    Thank you for the beautiful words.

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  4. Get a life. Here life should include close friends and relatives, spending quality with them, enjoying the best life has to offer. Not partying with strangers. Giving up on her child’s father, now she seeks solace in a fuckboy (yes that’s what you can call her date for obvious reasons) and that will only make her more incomplete. I’m not supporting her ex in no way cos his character arc is not well defined. But from what’s known about her, she is naive and gullible. She should definitely get a life…


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